The Program

“Klub M.E!” is designed for middle school students, focused on introducing participants to entrepreneurship and providing instruction on how to create a plan for owning their own businesses. In this program students learn about the Free Enterprise System. They work in groups or as individuals to create a business, formulate a budget, develop a product, and execute advertising. The students are exposed to business owners offering products and services across various industries and fields. They learn the type of education, skills and training required as well as the different tracks and revenue potential.

"Klub M.E!" features a "Dolphin Tank" business pitch competition to raise capital for their business, as well as a Marketplace Day where students can showcase their products/services to fellow participants, community members and parents.

The Impact

Developing entrepreneurial skills at an early age provides students with the ability to use self-sufficiency, creativity, finance/budgeting, customer service and collaboration skills in all future endeavors.  Many students have no thoughts about their future. In this global and evolving economy, it is critical that our children develop skills to create and execute their own ideas by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. This will make them an asset within their families and the community at large.

Dolphin tank


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